August 29, 2011

To my first born son

Birthday Party fun!
Opening your birthday presents
Happy 4th Birthday!
Happy 3rd Birthday William!
Happy 2nd Birthday!
Happy 1rst Birthday!
Welcome gift ever.
Your Birthday! So little.....but so strong.
Oh William. Four whole years. That doesn't seem possible. I can close my eyes and remeber the day we first met you. There were tears on that day as well. William, you know you made me wait in misery for days, to meet you. And then the world shifted, and you could no longer wait to meet us, not one more minute. Your heart was beating so slowly, and if I had known what I know now I would have been terrified, but we were so excited to meet you face to face. We knew all along you would be whisked off to the warmer, where there was a team of ladies waiting to meet you and make sure all was well. So I was suprised when you were born and set on my tummy. I was a nurse before I was ever your mom, and on your video I can hear myself telling your daddy to cut the chord so they could help you on that warmer. I didn't hear "It's a boy" or compliments on how cute you were, or even your cry. I heard talk of your heart rate, of what size tube to use, and I remember my OB telling me she had become an aunt earlier that same day. I remember telling your daddy to take a few pictures of you before they replaced the breathing tube. It's funny how it all came out of my mouth without even thinking of it, it just made sense. Those pics were a favorite with your cousins who didn't care for all of the tubes it took to help you. You have demanded our attention since the very day we met you, and we wouldn't have it any other way. That determination is why you are here, and not to be taken for granted. You are so strong, I am so proud of you. If they haven't heard your story, no one would believe how much you have overcome. You have only one small physical scar (on your hand from a PICC line) to remind us of your NICU stay. Another birthday my dear boy, to remind us just what a beautiful gift you are, how thankful we are to have you here with us, and that you continue to teach me how precious life is.
This year you have grown so much. You talk (alot)and we understand you. You don't even weigh five pounds more than your little brother. You have become the picky eater most moms talk about, and claim not to like things before you even see them. You love soup, and popsicles (which still sounds like pockle;) You have fallen in love with chocolate this year, and prefer you smores as a bar of chocolate and bag of marshmallows. You enjoy art, especially drawing and painting. You love everything Iron Man or Transformers. You can ride your bike all by yourself. You are totally potty trained, not a single accident after going to big boy underwear for good. Your favorite outfit is any pair of superhero underwear and nothing else. Except gloves, you still love gloves, even in August. You have become the best big brother this year. You have the biggest heart. I feel sorry for the first kid who picks on your little brother. Tristan thinks you are the best thing around.....and he's right! You are starting to really enjoy cooking, and enjoy helping out your daddy with supper. You really like Legos, and have quite the imagination. You have been looking forward to this birthday since March when we celebrated Grandpa Dauner's & Mommy's birthdays. You are convinced you have enough birthday money to buy a toy store.
You are the best present ever William. How did we ever get so lucky? Happy Fourth Birthday William.